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We take steps to ensure the safety and security of all hi-tech and electronic goods that travel with us. The following safety measures are applied in the transport of this valuable cargo:

  • Special locks
  • 24/7 surveillance of cargo in lorry and trailer
  • Danger signal panic buttons with video surveillance
  • Designated ‘safety zone’ in parking lots for trucks carrying electronics
  • Class A warehouse in Vilnius with a special cargo storage zone for high value goods

Warehouse services for electronic goods:

  • Unloading, receiving, sorting, and weighing goods
  • Order management: collecting and preparing consignment/goods for transport
  • Marking packages and placing guarantee vouchers, instructions, and other printed information into packages
  • Preparing invoices and documents
  • Controlling and managing of stock
  • Providing surveillance of goods and consignments
  • Cross-docking and milk run services
  • E-sale service
  • Customs intermediary services are available for goods arriving or departing to/from third-party countries.