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Our Vilnius logistics centre has A-class warehouses adapted for storing pharmaceutical and medical devices (except medicines). We also provide warehousing services for medical tools that require temperature control (the fridge stays at 5oC). The large fleet helps us make sure the deliveries are right on time while our many years of experience allow us to adapt to a range of client needs.

Customs intermediary services are available for goods arriving or departing to/from third-party countries.

Warehousing services for medical products:

  • Unloading
  • Reception
  • Sorting and weighing

 Management of orders:

  • Collection and preparation of consignment and goods for transportation.
  • Tracking goods’ shipments and expiration dates (FIFO and FEFO control methods)
  • Marking packages
  • Preparation of invoices and documents of cargo transportation
  • Control and management of stock
  • Surveillance of goods and consignments
  • Cross docking, milk run services, and e-sale services