TRANSIMEKSA – Even More Pure and Simple


Transimeksa logo

Over its 27 years of operation, TRANSIMEKSA has changed a lot, but one thing has always remained the same – the goal to be a Pure and Simple logistics company, as reflected by the company’s slogan.

It is time to revaluate our company’s logo and change it in a way that would reflect what we have achieved and what we are striving for in the future.

We flexibly adapt to your business needs and find the best logistics solutions. We aim to refine and simplify all logistics operations to make everything easier both for our clients and for ourselves.

The new logo design is simple and has fewer small details. The colours and symbology remain the same to maintain a tangible connection with the previous logo. The TRANSIMEKSA brand is already well known in Europe and CIS countries; therefore, it is important that our logo remains recognizable.

For a logistics company, changing the brand is a challenging process. We also seek to be a sustainable company, which is why the new logo and style will first be seen in electronic formats. Over time, as our vehicle fleet gets renewed, we will change the logos on our semi-trailer trucks, semi-trailers, and buildings.