Transimeksa opens two new logistics warehouses in Vilnius


Transimeksa is pleased to announce that it will open two separate facilities located in capital Vilnius, Lithuania. New logistics warehouses are 13,000 sq.meters, designed to manage the both – railway & road transportation.

Today, together with all managed storage facilities Transimeksa logistics center can proudly count 46,250 sq.meters of space in total.

Designing new buildings, greatest attention was paid to energy saving and environmental protection. It is planned to install a modern heating system, energy-saving LED lighting large warehouses, but also in all administrative premises. Environmental energy saving warm water preparation using solar collectors was selected.

Newly built A and A energy efficiency warehouses with 1,000 m² office space will also have a rail access section. The buildings will be adapted for side loading and loading from the platform directly from / to the train wagons. Therefore, now Transimeksa will be able to offer its customers multimodal transportation, when the cargo will be transported using several types of transportation: rail, air, road and sea transport. The possibility of loading and unloading wagons will let Transimeksa to provide a full range of services: to take long-distance train shipments directly to our terminal and store the goods, to handle all customs documents and transport them by roads with Transimeksa own trucks, which will be already 550 at the end of 2018. Upon request, goods can be selected and sorted, leaving the part for the further storing, and delivery to a customer-designated location in all the European and CIS countries.

During the performance of multimodal transportation, there is the most suitable manner of cargo transportation chosen, which allows not only a quicker delivery of the cargo but reduce the customer expenses for the transportation.

The project is planned to be fully completed until December 2018. The general amount of investment to this project is about 7,5 million of Euros. The project is being implemented by company “Sausupio projektai”.