We Are Expanding Our Semi-Trailer Truck Fleet


transimeksa trucks

This year, TRANSIMEKSA’s vehicle fleet has increased by more than 150 semi-trailer trucks of various brands and 170 Schmitz trailers. The semi-trailer trucks meet the Euro 6 emission standard while our new trailers have an upgrade which has already been tested and praised by our drivers – the Power Curtain. This means shorter loading and unloading times, improved work safety and better protection of freight against theft.

Currently, TRANSIMEKSA has a vehicle fleet of 830 semi-trailer trucks, 730 of which (almost 90% of the company’s fleet) meet the Euro 6 standard, while 70% of the semi-trailer trucks are suitable for transporting ADR freight (chemical substances and liquids).

We have a total of 1,070 trailers, 582 of which are 3-meter-high semi-trailers, each with a MEGA lifting roof. Moreover, 50 of the trailers are refrigerators and 60 are double-deck box semi-trailers. 30% of our semi-trailers can be lifted by crane (P400) and are suitable for intermodal freight transportation by railway.

The average age of semi-trailer trucks in TRANSIMEKSA’s fleet is 2.5 years.